Tuesday, October 12, 2004

A Lovely Village and Giggling Nurses!

It's halfway through our third week and, to combat stress and anxiety, we went for a lovely drive on Saturday to Diamond Harbor. What a gorgeous, gorgeous place. Godley House is the village "centre" and it's a beautiful old house with amazing lawns with stunning views and fab food too! I want to keep going back each day as it feels like home. Plus, it appears to have great community spirit with loads and loads of clubs - photography, art, writing, book clubs, sports, gardening etc etc.

However, I was strangely drawn to the Open House signs (that means the house is for sale and an invite to view it!!) dotted around the village and, inevitably, we ended up viewing several places! Well.. it's relaxing!! Until..... .

... you fall in love with a house that needs total renovation. It was love at first sight! In fact, we have a buildings inspector meeting us there on Thursday we don't muck around!! We also have to learn, quickly, the buying process and how to make offers etc - we're slowly beginning to understand the jargon.

We have fallen in love with Diamond Harbor so much so that we are literally going to hang out for the perfect property there (if this one doesn't go through for whatever reason) it is going to need ALOT of work - will have to start a thread in the Real Estate area re renovations.

Warren went to Brannigans recruitment ageny yesterday for a meeting with a consultant. They advised him to contact companies direct (hmmmm not a good business plan Brannigans! ) as most companies weren't using agencies at the moment. So it seems the best way forward is to get his CV out to all the little companies and HR depts of the larger ones.

Whilst Woz was at his interview I enrolled at the local Health Centre. It was very easy. I literally had to give my address/name/DOB details and that was it - registered. No need for any info on residency status etc etc.

I also advised nurse of my recent cholesterol probs for which I need to go on statins - she said that I'd come to the right country for lowering chol levels with exercise, right diet etc etc - little did she know that I was standing with a plastic bag with two HUGE cream donuts from the bakery that I'd bought to celebrate Warrens first agency interview! So, I filled in the forms and went home........ leaving the donuts in the bag behind the counter! Warren was home when I arrived and when I realised what I'd done I sent HIM to recover them!!! (and register, of course!) - he said the nurses were giggling when he got there and taking bets on whether I'd be too embarrassed to return to pick up my goods!! Oooops...

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