Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Settling In....

Whew - back online after 2 more days of net isolation.

We are now in our rental house - needless to say I've been a right little scrubber all weekend!! The house ... what can I say... IT'S FREEEEEZING... Oh, it has "one poxy heater" to quote Warren and it's a 3 bed house! Oh, and the thermostat is directly above the heater - DOH!! Basically it turns itself off as soon as it's heated the thermostat up ....

We bought 2 oil-filled heaters for $99 (total!) on Sunday and they are on full blast and just about taking the chill off the place! I'm also washing and drying stuff at quite a pace as the dryer hasn't yet been mounted on the wall so I have it in the dining room to help heat the ground floor!!

Our landlords took us to the Chch casino on Saturday night! Was great fun - Warren and I love casino's and usually join the local one wherever we are.. you don't need to join the Chch one - just walk straight in (no blue jeans please!). Cheap food and lots of games - we are off there on the 12th Oct to play in a poker tournament.

Weather is still freezing... when the sun is out it's hot in the sun but wander into the shade and you'll be shivering! Locals keep telling us it's unusual (yeah yeah - we used to tell tourists in Scotland that it didn't rain all the time too haha )- the guy at the shop where we bought the heaters said he never usually sells them at this time of the year!!

We're putting out feelers for work this week so will keep you posted as usual!!

Oh, we got the tel connected today - v. painless. There's a queue for broadband connections here it seems, it will take 10 days, so we're stuck on dial up for a wee while longer! Argh...

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