Friday, October 01, 2004

A Milestone - First Week

Well... we have survived our first week... we now have a car, a house, a bank account and today we bought a tv, a washing machine, a dryer, a king size duvet, 2 duck down pillows, 2 sets of double bed bedding and a sofa bed!!

Total price was $NZ 2500 and we got it down to $NZ 1850 with the duvets and bedding thrown in FREE.... just takes a bit of balls to barter and flashing some cash We move into our rental house on Saturday... I guess we should buy a BBQ too... Saw some great BBQ's (gas) in Farmers ... they don't cost much at ALL... large one for c. $NZ 400!!! But do we buy the BBQ or the mountains bikes first... hmmmmm

Exchange rate isn't being kind to us - it's down to NZ$2.59/£1 today... ouch!

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