Sunday, September 26, 2004

Day Three - Saturday & Still Jet-Lagged

Hi All - 4.30pm and back home after a quick trip into Chch - met up with Veronica and her hubby (from ENZ Forum) at her fab ski/snowboard outlet and had planned to go to the park (Hagley) but I am really suffering with jet lag so did a quick drive out to Governors Bay, had coffee and fries and read the papers and then had to come back home.... I am trying not to sleep as I need a routine but it's really really hard... I am sooooo desperately tired and irritable and ache all over....

Sumner is packed and we did a quick walk at Taylors Mistake after brekkie this morning - was glorious just watching the guys out on their boards waiting for the waves to come in... will be back there v. soon to collect some paua shells !

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