Friday, October 08, 2004

We've Been Here Two Weeks!

It's exactly 2 weeks since we started our life in NZ. I've just come in from a solitary walk along the beach here in Sumner and I'm feeling... well... content. At last. Can't say I won't get the wobbles from time to time, but all in all we do feel we have made the right decision.

We're settling into the house nicely too.

Work - luckily we are still working for a client in the UK and will resume work next week as we took a break to get our lives sorted. In that respect we are lucky as we aren't eating away at our reserves. Warren has also picked up two "cash jobs" (2/3 hr jobs as "favours" really) and is meeting with a guy from Brannigans Human Capital (recruitment agents here in Chch) on Monday to discuss permie positions.

I am going in to see a contact at Canterbury Museum next week, I've been discussing voluntary work with her via email from UK. I'm hoping to get in a couple of days a week - it's a way of meeting people and also learning about NZ. There are lots of opportunities to do voluntary work if you have the time - .

Oh, and we got ASDL sorted today - quite a few days earlier than they had quoted too (on Monday of this week they quoted 10 days!) so we happily wandering around the house clasping laptops with our wireless network sorted and the phone isn't constantly engaged!!

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