Thursday, September 30, 2004

Back Online... Our First Trip Out of Town

Whew - back online after 2 days (yes TWO DAYS ) of not being able to connect - Warren finally got it sorted.... ah, the benefits of being married to an I.T bod!

Well, since getting our house we have now paid the bond (2 weeks upfront) and have opened a Bank Account!! We have gone with The National Bank of NZ - very very helpful - main branch for Chch is in the Palms Mall. They have given us a Select account which is free banking providing our average MONTHLY balance doesn't go below NZ$5000 (others do a DAILY balance min) - so we're very happy with that. Our cards and cheque books are ready to collect on Friday. All we needed to open the account was our passports, driving licences and existing debit cards. No IRD no. needed altho they did want a residential address (PO Boxes aren't really accepted). PLUS - PO Boxes aren't acceptable for Rental Bonds... be warned... they need a residential address.... see if you can use someone elses address if need be - it's just a formality but it makes it very clear on the Bond form that PO Boxes aren't acceptable.

So, apart from getting a washer/dryer sorted for our new rental we don't have anything else to sort except jobs!!!!! We are going to take a break next week and tour around as we haven't had much time to do so since arriving - figured we'd get our money, transport and accommodation sorted first... as a word of advice get transport ASAP - made our life sooo much easier.

Went for a drive over to Akaroa today - WOW WOW WOW - so lovely. Here's a photo of us on the hill above Akaroa:-

Will be back there before tooo long to spend some dosh in the lovely craft shops and, after seeing shivering people coming off the dolphin watching boats we'll leave the swimming with dolphins until the temperature rises!!

Have started to make friends and contacts already, mostly through going around rentals and generally "hanging out" in Sumner. Everyone is so friendly and helpful, once you get talking you never know what the outcome will be - one guy has asked for our CV, a lady who owns a restaurant in Sumner gave us a top business tip and our landlords have invited us to their bach (that's Kiwi for holiday home!) in Gore Bay!!

Watched the new moon rising today over Sumner beach - fantastic and HUGE like a ball of fire..... took some pics but they don't do it justice.

Off to buy our white goods tomorrow - so much shopping to do!!

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