Tuesday, September 28, 2004

We Have Found a House to Rent...

Started hunting for rentals this morning and.... WE'VE GOT A HOUSE!!!!! We are so pleased - looked at several in Sumner / Mt Pleasant areas and eventually found one at 5pm tonight and have sealed the deal!! $350 / week unfurnished (altho agreed to leave a couple of bits of furniture and some white goods for us ) - 2/3 bed detached house with cute garden and 1st floor sun decking right in the heart of Sumner with sea glimpses, close to beach, sun all day and walkable to supermarket and every type of shop u can think of!! (okay, maybe not ALL you can think of, I'm just a little over-excited!!)

Have to say, the state of some of the rentals was appalling considering the asking prices... mostly just bad decor/repair but some were rather smelly and some just plain awful!! Anyway, thought I'd share that... so, in just a few days we have bought a car and found a rental .. it CAN be done everyone... Not only that but one of the landlords was in IT and was interested in Woz's skills and gave him a card and told to call him. If you are house hunting in Christchurch - get the paper on Sat and Wed and just go thru all the To Lets - there are loads... if you go via an agent you will be charged a fee.. bah!

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