Saturday, December 18, 2004

Our First Few Days On Holiday

Hi it's Emily and Michael here again.

After a couple of days shopping (Mummy Karen loves to SHOP!!) we bought lots of souvenirs for everyone back in the UK. We bought paua shells (x3), a spider bat, alot of postcards and some jewellry and Michael bought a paperweight and sweets.

We all went to pick up the car - it is white. We went for a drive on our own and got lost. Craig went up some big hills to look at the houses.

In the evening we went to a Japanese restaurant where they cook the food in front of you. Weird. It is called a Teppan Yaki restaurant and it was called Mount Fuji. The man who was cooking threw omlettes into our mouth and Mummy (Karen) was the only one who caught it in her mouth!!! BIG MOUTH!!

Aunty Helen forced us to eat with chopsticks! Craig and Emily were the best and even Michael and Karen can now eat with chopsticks! It was really cool.

We have been to Lyttleton to see the harbour, Craig loved it. He was wondering how the boats floated as they were HUGE! We then drove over the big hills to Riccarton Mall and we met Warren from work. He is now on holiday.

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