Thursday, November 18, 2004

Warren Starts Work

Warren has been at work for a couple of days now and he loves his new job. Apart from the free beer in the fridge and lack of suits, he loves the team he's working with and the work is new and challenging. He's even been roped in to playing cricket on Tuesday evenings (Shane Warne watch out!). He drives in every morning and it takes about 30 mins, so the commute is pretty good considering where we are in Sumner.

We've also bought a couple of mountain bikes (!) so hopefully we can get out and about at weekends and enjoy the countryside.

Meanwhile, I've been "lunching" with the girls and working on a new website project.

My sister-in-law Karen arrives in a few weeks time with her boyfriend and 2 kids, so we're planning the itinerary and we shall get a BBQ soon and an outside table (weather is hotting up!).

Life is returning to some sort of normality now, thank goodness!

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