Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Countdown to the Rellies Arriving...

In just 7 days we shall be picking up my sister-in-law Karen O'Hara, her partner Craig and her two kids Emily and Michael!! It's gone so quick - it seemed like it would be an AGE before they arrived.

They fly from Heathrow on Monday 13th and arrive here, in Christchurch, on Wednesday midday.

In the usual mad rush on Saturday, Warren and I went out to buy stuff for their visit plus the Xmas decorations - very hard to feel Christmassy when it's summer! Having said that, it's beeing pee'ing down for a few days so perhaps we'll have a typical British Christmas afterall.

We decided that we'd take a look around the $2 Shop! Everything in it is just $2... I knew that, so why did I keep picking up stuff and shouting to Warren "how much is this?"? Doh. We felt so good when the total came to just $14!! So amazed at what we could get for so little we decided to buy a pack of $2 chews from the counter... yummm. We plucked said package from the bowl whereupon we were told it was $2 for EIGHT packs!! Our teeth hurt today.....

All that is left to do now is decorate the house and tree and stock up the freezer with beer! :-)

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At 6:49 AM, Blogger karen said...

YAY!!!!!........its less than a week before we embark on the trip of a lifetime.!! the kids are really excited and im just trying to get started on the packing!! aarrgghhh!! just how many pairs of shoes will my luggage allowance allow me.....hmmm. i will et u know when i get back...;-)

At 4:10 PM, Blogger The Leggatts said...

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