Sunday, December 05, 2004

Our First BBQ...

It finally stopped raining today so we unleashed the beast of a BBQ that we bought a couple of weeks back.

Our friend Tom was coming round to help us out.. he's Maori and a great guy, he's got a girlfriend called Sue and they are both at Uni here in Christchurch. Having only cooked on rather temporary BBQ's in the UK (you know, the sort that fill with water during the winter, rust through and end up on the dump in year two of use?) our new gas 4 burner with wok burner was going to be a huge improvement... Tom seasoned the grill plates etc and we got to work grilling sausages, chicken, steaks and garlic onions.. yummm. Oh, there was some token salad!

Warren and Tom hovered round the BBQ with beers and they both looked very at home!

I can see this particular appliance is going to get well used.

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