Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Quick Jaunt to Arthur's Pass

We're packing in the sight-seeing before Warren starts work on Monday 15th November!

We decided to drive up to Arthur's Pass today. We could see the mountains from here in Sumner this morning which is, apparently, a good sign that the weather in the Pass will be fine.

So, 3 hours of stunning scenery later...

we arrived at Arthur's Pass.

The first thing we noticed when we arrived was a PARROT under the car next to where we parked! Strange, we thought, someone must have lost it... so off we went to tell the lady in the cafe that there was a damned PARROT in the car park.

She looked at us rather strangely and said.. "Err, they are wild alpine parrots called Kea." How stupid did we feel?

After watching out the window for a few mins, sure enough, there were LOADS of the little beggers everywhere! They are so funny to watch but you can't feed them or they WILL bite or harass you or both - and they are quite big birds. They are also known to strip anything rubber off your car and can undo zips and crisp packets with ease!!!

They are only found in the South Island mountain areas of New Zealand.

Found a lovely waterfall and went passed the area where they are currently filming Narnia - we'll go back when they have finished filming as the area was sealed off.

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