Thursday, December 16, 2004

Emily & Michael Arrive in NZ

hi emily here I am 11 years old, i enjoyed the fligt but when we arrived at singopore (our stop so we can change planes) it was really humid. we changed planes and after about 11-12 hour we arrived in christchurch. thankfully it wasn't to hot it was about 17-18 degrees, we went down the beach and had a burger (it was huge.) we also went into a cave!!!

hi I am Michael, I am 8 years old. I thought the plane was cool. I played on the games and watched videos alot. I slept twice. Once on each plane. My favourite game was Marioland 2. I think New Zealand is amazing and the views. First thing I did on my first day was got off the plane and went through an Xray to make sure we didn't have weapons so could not kill anybody.
Then we went to the beach and I climbed over the big rock and in the caves. We found some shells. We took some of them home and left the others in a small ditch in the cave.

We had a HUGE burger which mummy had to finish!! It was about 10inches high!

We came back to Aunty Helen and Uncle Warrens house and went looking for our bedroom. We saw a wardrobe in our room and there was a brown door which looked like a wall. Uncle Warren came up and said have you seen the secret compartment - the brown door led into a secret compartment which was actually an attic room. we have had great times in there! We took the books into the room and piled them up in the room. We shall have to think of some good games!

We are going to pick up the car on Friday and we are going to a trip to the mountains.


The water is clear and some is really blue.

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At 3:31 AM, Blogger MC said...

So kids, Do you think NZ is an OK place for my kids (9,8 and 5). (all boy's).?????
They might need a bit of encouragement as they have 11 days before we fly.
Moorf and Woz, Good too see you are settling in well.



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