Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Beer and cricket

Well, went to get a can of coke from the fridge at work at 11am. Opened the door took a can and went back to my desk. Opened the can and someone in the office said "have we got more coke in again?". I thought something didnt sound right when I opened the tin, yep it was a tin of beer. DOH, How to get dunce of the week award.

Today was week two of playing for the office indoor cricket team. Those that know me will know that cricket is not a sport you would normally associate me with. I got roped in last week because they were a man down and so off I went. We got stomped good and proper but it was good fun. This week I can now hit the ball more than I miss it and can now sort of bowl on target. At least we didn't get stomped this week. 150 vs 96. Last week it was 150 vs 20.

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