Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pohara Kayaking

Woz upfront in the sea-kayak

Back in Feb we went to Pohara, in the Nelson/Abel Tasman area of the South Island. It took around six hours to drive there through Lewis Pass and up through Murchison. A fantastic drive.

We stayed in a chalet on the beach in the Pohara Top 10 campsite. We were joining our friends Kate and Craig and their kids Emma, Rebecca and Alex who were also driving up from Christchurch.

The location was stunning and we'd booked a half day sea-kayak tour of the area.

Beach landing at Doctor's Beach on an island off Tata Beach

We had a fantastic laid-back couple of days spent on the beach, in the very warm sea and eating and drinking at The Penguin. We won't mention the late night on the deck with the iPod booming and the old lady who came out to see who was making all the noise (surely not that group of mature and sensible looking adults on the decking over there....?).. Oooops....

On the way back we stopped off to see friends in St Arnaud - what a beautiful part of NZ it is, we could live there!


At 8:59 PM, Anonymous Marianne said...

So why don't you!! The lease is still up for sale at the gorgeous Tophouse Pub; you would be the best thing to happen to the area, and you could only increase the IQ around here. You should come up and stay for the weekend and have a decent look around....... :-) Marianne x


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