Thursday, December 01, 2005

We're Bursting .....

.... with excitement!

It's Thursday 1st December and the next few weeks are going to be SO exciting.

Tomorrow I shall be driving up to the new house (dosed up with painkillers as I have hurt my back) to feed the chooks and to drop off a few bits and pieces that we don't want the removals mob to handle. Warren will be driving up after work to meet me there .... it's OURS!! Still hasn't sunk in, even as I sit here surrounded by packing boxes and bare walls!

I shall miss New Brighton. We are so glad we didn't heed those that told us to steer clear of the area. Granted, it has it's bad areas, but then NZ is like that - some grotty houses in even the nicest of areas. Certainly more of a community feel here - eclectic is a good description. It's had a bad rap for decades, ever since the arrival of "malls" into NZ society, which meant people didn't have to come out to New Brighton at the weekends to shop as the malls now opened up at weekends too.

New Brighton is currently one of the fastest moving property areas in Christchurch as more and more people see its potential, there are more and more houses being renovated, more 30-somethings and professionals moving in to the area and the Mall here is currently undergoing refurbishment (opens next week). Then there are plans to beauty the seafront and finally the expensive apartments on the coast are being moved into ... you can smell the change in the fresh coastal air.

There's got to be a down-side, right? Yep, for those who are sensitive to such things there is a larger % of Maori living in the area. And yes, it's definitely not as "monied" as other areas of Christchurch - so if you're looking for a predominately white, "ladies who lunch" type area, steer clear. If, however, you want a laid back, don't care what you wear, beach lifestyle and will take full advantage of the location, then New Brighton is for you.

And that concludes the broadcast from the New Brighton Residents Fan Club..... Waddington here we come.....

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At 9:53 PM, Anonymous Mansell Family said...

Helen, Warren & Summer

Congratulations on the purchase of your new home!! Call us when you get 2 minutes to yourself!! Hope to see you before xmas!
Tanya, Richard Luke & Rebecca

At 4:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just been reading your update. Sorry to hear about your back, hope you are feeling better.

We hope all three of you enjoy the next stage in your NZ adventure. The house is gorgeous and we are threatening to drop in when we visit Christchurch, so beware!!!!

Deborah & Gary (aka Smiler and Mr S)


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