Sunday, August 14, 2005

New Fence, New Lawn

It's not all mountains and sight-seeing. We do have to maintain some sort of "real life" here - and maintaining a house is enough to bring you back down to earth with a bang!

In the next few weeks we are having 40metres of fencing replaced, a massive poplar (30ft) removed and a large portion of the garden turfed. It's nearly Spring here so it's worth getting it done now before everything starts blooming.

Having said that, it's very strange to have daffodils and snowdrops growing alongside each other. And a couple of our fruit trees are blossoming too. They're all a bit confused because of the unseasonably warm weather. Last week I was able to sit in the garden in a t-shirt!! We are, however, expecting a very cold blast from the antartic in the next few days (which, in turn, will give a nice dump of snow in the mountains so Warren and I shall hopefully be taking off for a few days to Queenstown and/or The Remarkables.

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