Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Whew, what a scorcher...

This week really was a scorcher in our house!! We were high on the news from last Wednesday that we'd sold the house and our purchase was complete, the next day we heard that Woz had secured a three year contract from the UK and can now work from home, then on Friday he received a nice payrise from his NZ employer and an equally nice Xmas bonus! We were on fire......

.... literally... last Friday night we had to call out the fire brigade as our chimney caught fire. The smoke alarm in the upstairs bedroom went off (halfway through South Park movie - how inconsiderate!) and we cursed and Woz rushed upstairs to rip out the battery... only to find the bedroom full of smoke! I dialled 111 and within 5 mins the fire brigade was rushing up the drive (ok, sauntering up the drive ). After standing in our gardyen with "oooh's" and "aaaah's" as they watched the orange glow emanating from our chimney, they finally decided that they ought to get a ladder and a hose....

The chimney was soaked (washed the windows too, yay!), and they proceeded to have a look at the house and decor . Have to say, one of them was quite hunky so I immediately delayed their departure with a house and garden tour .

So, all in all, a week to remember!! And this weekend we were finally able to relax, in a house that we've left nice and messy after being sick and tired of keeping it spick and span for house viewings, and on the deck in the hot, hot sun.

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