Sunday, August 14, 2005

Drifters Backpackers....

Our good friends, Pete and Veronica, set up Drifters Backpackers on Gloucester Street, Christchurch, last year. They too are recent arrivals from the UK. They have started a ski/snowboard equipment shop, Snowmania, along with the backpackers (these guys never stop!!).

Drifters is also the venue for lots of "meets" where we get together recent arrivals and old-hands for drinks and nibbles! Well, mainly drinks...... It's a great chance for newbies to meet up and swap info and advice. Many of them we have previously "met" on one of the emigration forums we belong to.

A few pics from last night!!

(From left to right - Richard, Tara, Dan, Richard & Warren (he IS awake apparently!)

Me and Tanya (Richard's (far left in above pic)wife)

More of the mob!

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