Monday, February 07, 2005

Urban Surf Chick!

Well, I have a little job-ette!

I'll be working part-time at Urban Surf here in Sumner with my friend Jo, who owns the shop! She came to me the other day asking if I'd like to work with her! Would I? Of course! We get on very well and have known each other since day two of arriving in New Zealand as we had to raid her shop for fleeces due to the unseasonably cold weather!

Can't wait to start on Wednesday (9th Feb)... can take the dog with me too if I like and it's literally round the corner!

I remember the days sat in an office in London dreaming of living somewhere hot and working in a dive shack or shop... well, here I am (ok, the hot weather won't last ALL year but you can't have everything!).

Oh and the staff discount will come in handy!!

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