Saturday, February 26, 2005

A Mad Couple of Months...

A short, sharp February but packed with excitement!

February went by in a blur with both of us now working. Feb 14th was spent at the local bistro "Cornershop Bistro" where we generally pigged out and then walked the dog, half-cut, along the esplanade at midnight! We discovered Villa Maria - our new fav NZ red wine!

And we discovered Monteiths "Summer Ale" - a fab beer that we just can't get enough of. Hmm, beginning to see why February went by in a blur!

BUT - during the shortest month of the year we also managed to find and buy a house AND get our ITA (Invitation to Apply for residency) submitted.

We don't move into the house until 1st April (yeah yeah, get the April Fools jokes out of the way!) which seems AGES away. It's a "quirky" house - lots of rimu (wood) and lots of space - 3 double beds, quarter acre garden, cathedral ceilings upstairs, and lovely wooden terrace outside. I won't depress you all in the UK with the price ;-) Oh, and did I mention it's 2 roads back from the Pacific Coast and one of the best beaches on the South Island?

I am sure more Monteiths will ease the waiting!!

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