Saturday, February 23, 2008

Weekend in Wanganui via Wellington - Part Two

Woz falls in love with a bike...

One exhibit in Te Papa that caught my eye was a race bike made by John Britten, a local engineer/bike racer. The bike is a hand made single minded carbon fibre race bike.

There is a beauty in this sort of single minded simplicity that to the right eyes is just as much art as any painting. Function over form or form dictated by function without any consideration for aesthetics.

The bike was sat next to an open plan cafe. As Helen and I sat drinking a nice Pino Noir we realised it was a man thing. Something that was easy to spot as couple after couple walked up. Normally the male partner leaning in to look closer at the bike and pointing at parts to their partner. The later normally with a "can we please move on" look on their faces.

Helen here - my personal favourite was the "corrugated car", not quite as beautiful!!


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