Monday, November 12, 2007

The Roaring 40's .. and muddy 40's, drifting 40's

Warren turned 40 on 10 November and I just had to do something to surprise him *snigger*, which is quite hard to organise when the family is halfway round the globe. At times like this you do wish they were around to share in the day. But.. we've got a heap of friends here - I think our social life is busier than when in the UK - so it wasn't hard to gather a group together.

First off it was off to the indoor karting ... on wet clay! Need I say more?

Of course, I couldn't let the lads have all the fun so I joined in too....

Back home for a scrub down and then it was off to Kate and Craig's in Sumner where we were to stay the night. A cab ride into town took us to The Flying Burrito Brothers where I'd arranged for a few of Warren's mates to meet us for drinks and a meal. I think Warren was taken aback as he entered the restaurant as he kept on bumping into mates and saying "what are you doing here?" - until he twigged!!

Great meal, great company and I was really pleased with the cake I'd had made - in the shape of a laptop with "Happy 0x28th Birthday Warren" on the screen (which, according to his geeky mates, is 40 in hexidecimal! Thanks Colin!). Unfortunately, I managed to forget the camera so we've only got mobile phone photos!

A great night had by all - here's to another 40 hon!! xx


At 9:52 PM, Blogger Marrisa said...

Awww happy birthday Warren, it looks like a fab day and night, FBB is a great place for food, I went there for my birthday. Great picture, camera phones rock!

At 10:21 PM, Blogger katsblog said...

its a good photo anyway - I use mine all the time now, glad you had a good birthday Woz, ps the Tat looks rad LOL....

Kat & Rob.


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