Saturday, September 08, 2007

Taking out the Twin...

Warren here.... And the twin is my old twin tip 149, a board I had not ridden in a while. I forgot howw much fun it can be. It has been good making use of Mt Hutt this winter season, the local ski field. Not the best season for snow but there is still a good 70cm base this late on so not all bad.

I have definitely become a fairweather boarder as I have got older. This means I have only been up 3 or 4 times this year. I like blue sky days at Mt Hutt because you get to see the Canterbury coastline, a good 60+Km away over the Plains. I have done enough riding to know the snow has to be exceptional to get me up there in grim conditions. A luxury living an hour away from snow gives you :)

My main partner in crime has been Craig, new to snowboarding but already hooked and progressing fast. We normally meet up in that metropolis that is Darfield. The Hutt road has not been too bad this year. It is a road that would never be allowed in other more “sane” countries. 13Km of twists and turns with huge drops at road edge most of the way up. The area known as the Saddle has drops both sides. A Mini went over the edge once when some tourists got out to take a photo. There was a strong nor-wester blowing and they left the car doors open. There are nods to safety, I am sure there must be at least 100m of safety barriers now and if the wind is above 35km/h they close the road. One day I will film the drive up because its hard to do it justice.

I will let the views from the top say the rest that needs to be said :)


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