Saturday, February 23, 2008

Weekend in Wanganui via Wellington - Part Three

Car Rental Rant

It does not matter where in the world you are, the price you end up paying for car rental bears little or no resemblance to the price you are quoted.

It's just one of those things in life, like Broadband never being as fast they say it will be, or low-cost flights that double in price once you add "taxes" and other hidden extras.

On arrival at Wellington Airport we visited each of the car rental desks in turn, hoping one would not play these stupid games...

Woz: How much is a Compact Car for 3 days rental and what is the excess.
Them: Its $35 per day and $3000 excess.
Woz: How much to bring that excess down.
Them: $30 to get $200 excess and $10 extra for $0 excess.
Woz: OK, we would like the insurance where we can bring the car back in a small box please.
Them: Ok that is ... pause ... tappity tap on the calculator ... $250
Us: Err, how?

We managed to get our own back for once this time though. We picked up the car the next day and when we went to pay we pretended the lady the day before had said we could get $40 off with our Entertainment Card.

She had said nothing like only that she would see how much she could save, if anything, and that she'd let us know when we picked up the car. However, Aas we stuck firm on our promised $40 discount the the supervisor soon came over and authorised the discount to shut us up. Result!

(Disclaimer: We did not hire a Hertz car! For illustrative purposes only. Photo courtesy of Freaking News - go visit!)



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