Friday, October 19, 2007

3 hours of pain

Well, I am coming up to the big 40 so it was time to do something a little mad. It was time to get a tattoo. I had been sat on the number of a recommended tattoo artist for a while. I just needed to find the right tattoo and get the nerve to call him.

The hunt for the right tattoo has been a long search. The internet will challenge you at times if you picture search for tattoo. In the end I just picked something simple, a circle of circles... I know, me a geek? :)

Well today was the day. 40 was closing in so I booked Friday as holiday and booked in with Ross, the man that was going to inflict the pain. Errr sorry the man that was going to tattoo me. Helen and I get to the shop and chat with the guys for a while while. Before I know it I am on the table and I feel the first bite of the tattoo gun. To be honest, after that things get a little more "fuzzy".

Does it hurt? I can't begin to describe what it feels like when an area gets its third going over to get a good deep black, and, when that area is close to the bone, like the one on my collar bone, it is agony.

Here it is, still very raw.

BTW: I was told not to say about this but while I was on the table I am sure I heard Helen scream out a few times. But then a tattoo on the foot is meant to hurt a lot due to how thin the skin is there, isn't it hon? I will let her show that one off.