Thursday, April 14, 2005

Helen's Headhunted...

As if one job wasn't enough, I now have TWO!

I have been headhunted by a Christchurch advertising agency to head up their Direct Marketing operations! It's part time and I can work from home so I am going to keep the surf-shop job too as I really enjoy it.

Warren is also working flat out with some work from the UK plus his full-time job. He also has a reallly exciting business proposition in the pipeline but shhhh, that's under wraps at the moment!

The work ethic here is so much more laid back than the UK. People here recognise that you have a life outside of work. The salaries aren't great though and the cost of living isn't that much different from the UK. Ok, house prices are cheaper but not when you are earning Kiwi dollars! So, don't come here expecting a life of luxury, cheap housing and good pay! But.. do expect a great quality of life, beautiful uncrowded countryside, safety and friendly people.

Put it this way - UK's population by mid-2005 will be c. 60million. Population of New Zealand is c. 4million - and it's about the same size as the UK! Only 1 million of the NZ population live on the South Island!!

Hence why we can drive for 3 hours and see just a handful of cars!

I digress...

So, as you can see we are very busy here on the work front!

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At 3:02 PM, Anonymous pips- Chantelle said...

Glad you have found the summer brew, it's blurry gorgous init.
I don't know about the weather where you are Helen, but up here in Kaitaia we have had 8mm of rain last month, not enough. Today the temperture is about 24 ( according to car ,but that's normally a bit hotter).
I will second the bit about life of luxury ...or not.. But we still love it here.
All the very best Pips- AKA Chantelle.


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