Monday, April 20, 2009

Blame Facebook...

Ooops! It's been quite some time since we updated our blog - and I blame Facebook! While Warren doesn't like Sadbook (as he calls it), I'm hooked. But, we'll try and keep this blog going too as it's been going so long!

This September we will have been in New Zealand 5 years - time flies - we still love it here.

So, what have we been up to since the last update in November (nearly six months ago!)? Nothing terribly exciting, I'm afraid! Life rolls on, we've both been working hard and playing hard. My back has been very bad so that's limited what we can do.

So far this year we've been to the local A&P Show, socialized heaps, spent lots of time in the garden looking after the fruit and veg and I've become a birth partner (no.. don't laugh!). My friend, Asli, is preggers so it's very.. errmm... intriguing, following it through with her.

More recently, we've have two woodburners installed in the house, our neighbour got burgled (on the only day for weeks that we were away from home overnight) and Summer is on anti-flams for arthritis.

Mum and Dad are still trying to sell their house - they have until the end of the year to do so.

Our friends Jason and Leslyn got married on the beach at Taylor's Mistake in March - it was a lovely service.

The first snows of the season fell on the Southern Alps on 9th April, although it's been a lovely warm Autumn so far.

And finally, Billy the Hunted One is still loose in the area - he's been on the run for over 2 months now, having stolen 2 cars locally and robbed the local supermarket. My doctor (Dr Vlok) was on telly after having chased the fugitive through Darfield early one morning. He's becoming quite the local legend. UPDATE: the local fugitive has been captured!

Oh, and I got a new writing gig - I now also write for WebProNews and SmallBusinessNewz via iEntry publishers :) while continuing to write for BizReport for whom I've written for over 3 years.

I'm waiting to hear back from orthopedic surgeon regarding surgery on my spine - not great news but if it cures the pain I've been suffering for months then it'll be worth it.