Friday, May 23, 2008

Hair today, Gone tomorrow

Looking back I have no idea how I ended up with a bald head. I think it started when I got lazy with shaving long enough that I reached that tipping point where you might as well grow a full beard. It was a short step to the Goatie that is on show in Helens 40th pics. From there bald was not as large a jump as I thought.

I left it until after Helens 40th, although I have put my hair through enough over the years I have never shaved my head bald before. I found a tradition barbers in town that could shave me with a cut throat razor, a rare thing it turns out.

I booked a lunch time appointment and then quickly found myself sat in the barbers chair nervous and excited. The woman who I am going to shave my head run a set of clippers over my head taking it down to stubble before I knew what hit me. I guess if you book the appointment saying you want your head shaved with a cut throat razor they have no need to ask the classic "And how would you like it today sir?".

She then wrapped a couple of hot towels around my head and left them to soften the hairs. Then I sat "very" still while she shaved me with the cut throat. I have to say that in the right hands it is a very pleasant experience, enough to get my face shaved at well. Next came more hot towels to exfoliate the scalp and then oil to sooth the skin. A final clean with a modern razor to make sure it is smooth and I am done.

It's hard to describe what it feels like to run your hands over your own scalp without hair. Something many people will never experience in their life. You soon realise how quick that smooth finish, you get about half a day with a smooth scalp until it gives way to stubble.

I picked the wrong time of year for this look but I have got used to it so it will stay for a while now :)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Helen turns 40...

Well, there was no stopping it - I turned 40 on 15th May. The lead up was a bit stressful but now I'm here it's a breeze - and I'm determined to be a "naughty forty".

So, I started as I mean to continue - with good friends, good food and good wine. We had a lovely weekend in Christchurch and stayed at the Crowne Plaza on Saturday night for a bit of treat - the girls having been put in their doggie hotel.

Kate & Craig, Asli & Mark and Jason & Leslyn all came along too, thanks to Warren who had dished out invites a while earlier. (You guys really made my night - thank you - and also heaps and heaps of thanks for your gorgeous gifts!).

We dined at the Yamagen Teppanyaki in the Crowne Plaza - really nice and the chef was a good laugh. Food, drink and company all perfect - teppanyaki/Japanese food being my favourite. Woz's surprise cake really topped it off - it was a hefty chocolate tome entitled "Great Expectations" with a huge bookworm crawling through it!!

There was never any surprise at where the bookworm ended up!!

Afterwards we all staggered to the Casino's Diamond Bar for some cocktails and drunken-dancing to a live band.... sweeeet!

Onwards to FIFTY!! *GULP*