Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Rail Trail

A couple of weeks ago we took advantage of the fantastic Autumn weather we're having and met up with friends and their kids for a leisurely Sunday bike ride. We decided upon doing a section of the Rail Trail near Little River. The setting is beautiful.

We fuelled up at the Little River Cafe (great food, great art!) and then drove to one of the many car parks along the route. The Rail Trail starts off hugging the shores of Lake Ellesmere so we started there (and it was nice and flat for the kids!).

Group shot (missing Tanya who took all the piccies - thanks Tanya although you did manage to avoid being photographed... again!).

Luke and Rebecca did really well, we did about 15km's and it was a nice easy ride (Woz managed to find a few ramps!).

Here's Woz...

We'll definitely be doing it again. There are heaps of bike tracks around Canterbury, and a relatively new one has just been built on MacLean's Island.

Oi, what have I told you about rear-end shots!!

Sorry, can't let Tanya get away without a mugshot.....