Saturday, May 13, 2006

Brrrrrr in the Boonies....

After being cooped up for a few days with the worst flu I've ever had, I felt well enough to venture out of the house, and we took Summer out for a walk round the village. The views alone were enough to warm the cockles of our hearts. We just love the scenery round here, whether it's snow-topped or lush and green, it always makes us smile and we always wish our families and friends were here to share it.

Here's the view that greeted us as we emerged from our gate (which is off to the left hand side - the boundary on the left is ours).

The road above, Waddington Road, is one of the two "main" roads of our township!

Further down Waddington Road... busy eh?

We wandered down the road to the water race for some stick throwing and swimming - Summer not us!!!

We were unable to go out last night for the birthday get-together and we've now cancelled tomorrows lunch at Pegasus Bay, and unfortunately it looks like Woz is about to enter the flu-zone :-( , so we're cancelling my birthday this year, which is great because it means I get to stay 37 for another year!!!!!

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At 3:21 PM, Blogger Shagen said...

That is surely one nice postcard perfect picture!

Happy 37th birthday Helen! It's nice to stay the same age for a second year around!


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