Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Skidoo Buggery....

.. and other random thoughts. That was pretty much the basis for Ross Noble's stand up show that we went along to at the James Hay theatre last weekend. Was a great night out - we frequented our new Japanese eatery and were then entertained by Ross for over 2 hrs - great show! I bet there are lots of people currently trawling Christchurch to find his "shed up a stick" - we know where it is and we're not telling!

My friend Julie, from the library, brought her dog Bonnie up to meet Summer on Sunday. They got along brilliantly which means we are more than happy to look after her at weekends when Julie heads home to Canada for a few weeks in July! It helps us out too because we'll discover if we really want 2 dogs or if Summer is enough!!

The only bad news is that I seem to have caught "man flu" which has knocked me for six. Hopefully I can get rid of it in time for Friday night as we have dinner planned with friends for my birthday and Warren has also booked us into Pegasus Bay on Sunday which I've been dying to go to for months and months!! Some global finger-crossing may help.....

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At 8:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Went to NoodleBox tonight, so was thinking about Ross Noble and Googled "Ross Noble, Christchurch" and found you. I agree with you very good comedian, great night out!

Go on... where is that shed up a stick? Mind you, I suspect there are several. I may have been hallucinating but it could be on the Main South Road.


Another Bl**dy Pom in Christchurch

At 6:56 PM, Blogger The Leggatts said...

Sounds like the same shed and the same stick! I reckon is the kennel for that flippin' HUGE HOUND they use on Moorhouse Ave to advertise Animates pet store!!


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