Sunday, November 18, 2007

Amber Alert

Poor Amber - she's going through the wars at the moment.

The first scare was a rather large lump on her face, just under her eye. I took her to the vets and they did a biopsy which, according to the lab, looked to have changes to the cells - or cancer related. The lump was removed and sent away to the lab to be analysed.

For two weeks we waited, fingers crossed, that it wasn't the big C. Our vet, Anita, is so kind and caring, she rang me once a week to keep me updated and have a chat.

And today we found out it isn't, but the lab isn't entirely sure WHAT it is... we're to keep tabs on her lymph nodes and see how she goes.

And as if that wasn't enough, we went down the gorge the other day and she was attacked by 3 pig dogs (dogs trained to hunt and kill wild pigs). Poor thing was overpowered and has had 3 chunks taken out of her fur - it could have been a lot worse. Warren was very brave and got stuck in and had to manually pull these dogs off her and had to almost resort to putting a boulder through one of the dogs skulls - his preservation instincts certainly took over. Afterwards, he managed to calm down and went to speak to the owner. I, on the other hand, wanted to rip their head off so I walked away to avoid confrontation.

Big sis' Summer looked after her when we got home..... awww...

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Roaring 40's .. and muddy 40's, drifting 40's

Warren turned 40 on 10 November and I just had to do something to surprise him *snigger*, which is quite hard to organise when the family is halfway round the globe. At times like this you do wish they were around to share in the day. But.. we've got a heap of friends here - I think our social life is busier than when in the UK - so it wasn't hard to gather a group together.

First off it was off to the indoor karting ... on wet clay! Need I say more?

Of course, I couldn't let the lads have all the fun so I joined in too....

Back home for a scrub down and then it was off to Kate and Craig's in Sumner where we were to stay the night. A cab ride into town took us to The Flying Burrito Brothers where I'd arranged for a few of Warren's mates to meet us for drinks and a meal. I think Warren was taken aback as he entered the restaurant as he kept on bumping into mates and saying "what are you doing here?" - until he twigged!!

Great meal, great company and I was really pleased with the cake I'd had made - in the shape of a laptop with "Happy 0x28th Birthday Warren" on the screen (which, according to his geeky mates, is 40 in hexidecimal! Thanks Colin!). Unfortunately, I managed to forget the camera so we've only got mobile phone photos!

A great night had by all - here's to another 40 hon!! xx