Friday, June 29, 2007

Island of Two Halves

Usually I'd refer to New Zealand as a land of two halves - the North Island and the South. But even the South Island has been divided over the last few weeks. While we in Canterbury basked in gorgeous winter sunshine the far south was plunged into Artic conditions.

Our friends, Kate and Craig, took themselves off to Queenstown with their 3 children. Despite weather warnings, record snow dumps and road closures they were determined to make it through to the Winterfest and Craig's long anticipated Shihad gig.

After nearly 2 days (with an overnight stop in Invercargill) they made it. And well worth it it was too by all accounts!

With temps below zero, hats and scarves required!

Alex looking uber-cute!

Mum Kate and Alex

Meanwhile, back in Waddington, we were filling our rented trailer with all the rubbish we'd pruned, weeded and hacked out of the garden - in t-shirts! This time last year were had been snowed in for a few days but, as yet, we've had no snow apart from some pathetic flurries last week. Mount Hutt is open now, but the higher slopes aren't in great shape... yet. It's a shame as Warren is itching to get on the slopes and I may go for some more lessons! Gulp!

Hmm, what else? Oh yes, the local firemen's social do! What a laugh. We got spruced up and headed off to the Sheffield Community Hall where we met with our neighbours and friends from the village. It was great to catch up with those I've missed since giving up my jobette at the garage. And, it was the first time in yonks that I've waltzed! What great fun and, despite having a few to drink, I managed not to sign up for the fire service!!

We're planning a trip down to Otago and Southland for August, can't wait, it's been a while since we did any exploring. Hopefully we can pop in and see Kat and Rob down near Invercargill and see how they're getting on!

This time next year I could well be round my parent's house as we're hoping to sponsor their emigration here very soon! Watch this space!

Oh, that reminds me. In a couple of months time we shall be eligble for CITIZENSHIP as we'll have been here 3 years! Time flies!

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